Ways That You Can Get Your Smile Looking Great in the New Year

22 December 2016
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As the new year swiftly approaches, you may find yourself ready to think about your various resolutions and goals in the upcoming year. As you do so, your smile may come up again and again as one of the things that you would like to change or fix heading into the new year. There are many options available to you through cosmetic dentistry to help you make this the year that you achieve all of your smile goals. Read More 

3 Reasons You May Have Sensitive Gums

6 December 2016
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Going to the dentist can be a nightmare when you have sensitive gums. The mild tingling or even slight pressure other people may feel while in the dentist's chair can actually feel like very real pain to you. Your sensitive gums can bother you at home as well, such as when you are flossing your teeth or eating certain foods. If you are worried about your sensitive gums and feel like you have a problem, it may help to know common reasons for this issue in the first place. Read More 

2 Tips To Ensure Successful Dental Implant Placement After Battling Gum Disease

17 November 2016
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If you brush your teeth and notice a bit of bleeding around your gum line, then you may have a mild form of gum disease called gingivitis. However, if you are experiencing receding gums and exposed roots, then you may be experiencing a more serious case of gum disease. Regardless of what form of gum disease you are enduring, each case will leave your gums in a weakened state. This makes it difficult to carry out any kind of dental procedure especially dental implants. Read More 

Ways To Lessen Oral Bacteria And Debris In Your Mouth Once You Leave Your House

28 October 2016
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If you would like your teeth to be cleaner, there are many different measures that you can take. Most people brush twice and floss once a day and expect those actions to be enough to maintain good oral health. However, your teeth are exposed to decay-causing substances throughout the day. Each time you eat or drink, there is edible residue left in your mouth. Oral bacteria feed on the simple carbohydrates within the debris. Read More 

2 Things To Expect As Your Child’s Teeth Develop

11 October 2016
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Being a first-time parent can seem overwhelming. Your child goes through hundreds of changes in a relatively small amount of time. Some of these changes are associated with the natural progression of your baby's oral development and will be accompanied by special instructions from your little one's dentist. Here are a few things you can expect: Your child will experience teething discomfort as the first teeth erupt. Beginning with the two central incisors of the lower palate, your child's teeth will start to break through the gums when the little one is around eight to ten months old. Read More