3 Habits To Start During National Children’s Dental Health Month

14 January 2019
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Did you know that February is National Children's Dental Health Month? The American Dental Association sponsors National Children's Dental Health Month in order to raise awareness of childhood tooth decay, the most common type of chronic childhood disease. You can help your child avoid this common childhood illness, and February is a great time to start helping your child develop habits that will set them up for lifelong good dental health. Read More 

3 Important Recovery Tips For Those Getting Dental Implants Put In By A Dentist

13 December 2018
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One of the more amazing cosmetic procedures dentists can perform today is setting up dental implants in your mouth. Implants give you a complete smile and look like real teeth. If you're having this procedure performed, you'll want to be aware of these recovery tips.  1. Understand What Symptoms to Expect Getting dental implants put in is a pretty standard procedure today, but there will still be symptoms you'll experience. It's important to know what these are ahead of time so that you're ready for how your body will react. Read More 

Dental Procedures For Smokers

10 November 2018
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If you are a smoker, you are no doubt already well-aware that smoking is bad for your health. You may have also discovered the habit is not good for your teeth, either. Thankfully, it's never too late to quit smoking, and dental technology has rapidly advanced in recent years. Whether you are a current or former smoker, here are three procedures you may want to discuss with your dentist. Gum Grafting Read More 

Mistakes To Avoid When You Have New Veneers

14 October 2018
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If you have recently had new veneers placed on your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile, you may wonder if there is anything you should not do while taking care of them. If so, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes that could damage your new veneers and dull their appearance. Brushing with a Whitening Toothpaste  Before you received your veneers, you may have started using a whitening toothpaste to help improve the color and brightness of your teeth. Read More 

3 Questions You May Have About Gum Surgery

24 September 2018
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Are your gum tissues receding, infected, or otherwise in bad shape? If so, you may need to look into gum (periodontal) surgery. There are many kinds of treatments, so here are a few answers to questions you may have. What Can Gum Surgery Fix? Gum surgery can benefit you in both cosmetic and functional ways. Different gum surgeries can be used to: Reduce gum recession and tooth loss Fix damaged tissues and bone with grafts Make your smile less " Read More