2 Tips For Recovering From A Root Canal

14 September 2017
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If a tooth is dead clear down to the roots, then a lot of the time your only option is to get a root canal. This essential removes the entire tooth, including the roots. Because this procedure is quite invasive, it requires a longer recovery time then other dental procedures. During the recovery process, it is essential that you take good care of your mouth. This ensures that your recovery process goes as smoothly as possible and it can also speed up the recovery process. This article will discuss 3 tips for recovering from a root canal

Go In If You Have Abnormal Symptoms

While things like swelling, minor bleeding, and pain are common, there are some signs that are not common. These includes things like severe swelling or bleeding, an allergic reaction to medications you are taking to prevent pain or infection, your temporary crowing or filling falls out, etc. When something like this happens, you will want to call right away to see if you need to come in. This is true even if it is the middle of the night because there are emergency numbers that you can call to get the help that you need on any day, at any hour. This ensures that whatever has gone wrong is fixed, and you can then move forward with the recovery process. 

Schedule Your Crown Placement Right Away

Having a temporary crown or implant on your tooth after a root canal can often be a hassle. Since this is only a temporary piece, it often doesn't fit or feel as much like your natural teeth as you'd like. You also have to be careful when using this area of your mouth to chew, not only because it is sore, but also because you have to make sure the temporary implant or crown doesn't come out. If something were to go wrong, this could lengthen your recovery process. In order to ensure that you can get into the dentist to get our permanent implant and crown as soon as possible, you should schedule your crown placement as soon as possible. This may even be on the day that you get your root canal. You will likely have to schedule a root canal follow up appointment first, just to ensure that things went well and are healing nicely .Then you can schedule the crown placement for as soon as possible after that appointment.