Is Acid Reflux Harming Your Teeth?

16 August 2016
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Acid reflux is a very uncomfortable disorder, and as you read further you will understand how it can harm your teeth. You can also do several things to make the symptoms less painful.

Acid Reflux: The Demon

Approximately 36% of healthy Americans complain and suffer from acid reflux at least monthly and daily for as many as 7% of the surveyed individuals. All genders and ages can have GERD, but GERD increases greatly when an individual reaches 40 years old. After a meal, your stomach produces hydrochloric acid.

When acid refluxes into the mouth from eating acidic foods such as soda, pickles, tomatoes, lemons or other similar foods, you are in danger of harming your teeth. You can also be plagued with refluxes from fatty meats, chocolate, spicy or fried foods, coffee, or caffeine products.

Acid Reflux-Induced Erosion

You can do several things to help eliminate the side effects of acid reflux and how it can damage your teeth. You should avoid brushing your teeth for an hour after a reflux occurrence. As with other acidic foods, your teeth are in a weakened state after the reflux attack.

Thoroughly rinse your mouth with water and let a sugar free antacid dissolve in your mouth. You can also chew xylitol gum, or other sugarless candies, lozenges, or gums.

The pH Levels of Your Body

Scales ranging from 0 to 14 measure how hydrogen (pH) acid levels are related between stomach acid and dental enamel erosion. Something with a high pH factor is not acidic and should not cause acid reflux. On the other hand, dental enamel can begin dissolving at 5.5. Stomach acid has a 2.0 pH rating, making it very acidic and can cause major chemical erosions.

Dental Improvements

As previously stated, wait one hour after the reflux attack before brushing your teeth because they will be very sensitive. You should use a soft bristle brush and no toothpaste because it could further damage the teeth. You should use a fluoride non-alcohol mouthwash.

Awareness Is Essential

Make your dentist aware of the acid reflux issue. A quarterly visit is recommended so the teeth can remain clean and the dentist can identify any other active erosion. Early prevention can possibly prevent some of the side effects and possible tooth loss.

It is essential to let your family physician and your dentist be informed and on the same page. Each medical technician will be able to accurately place you on medication and observe any ongoing issues as well as prevent problems in the future. For more information, contact a business such as Kyle J Frisinger DMD.