How To Soothe A Tooth Chipped By Nail Biting

16 May 2016
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If you bite your nails, chances are you know that it's a bad habit and a difficult one to break. It can expose you to bacteria that's under your nails, in addition to potentially damaging your teeth. Over time, nail biting can chip away at your teeth, leading to an unsightly and possibly painful situation. If one or more of your teeth have become shortened or chipped due to a long habit of nail biting, read this guide to learn how to soothe the discomfort and fix the appearance.

Sensitive Toothpaste

Once a tooth becomes chipped or is filed down by repetitive nail biting, it may cause discomfort due to the nerves becoming exposed. Healthy teeth and their nerves are protected by enamel, the hard outside shell of the tooth. However, if one of your teeth is noticeably chipped or shorter than the surrounding teeth, you've probably worn away the enamel and the tooth's nerves may be exposed as a result.

Using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help to reduce this pain over time. Sensitive toothpastes work by either desensitizing the nerve or by closing up exposed dentinal tubules. While a sensitive toothpaste won't reverse the damage done to your teeth, it can do a lot to reduce your discomfort.


Veneers are an easy way to cover up damage done to a tooth and to help protect it from further damage. Veneers are essentially a porcelain shield that's placed over the front of your tooth that gives it the appearance of a healthy tooth. Veneers are often used on all of the front teeth to give them a uniform, even, and white appearance, but you can also use them to care for just one tooth.

See a Dentist

Chipped teeth aren't just unsightly and painful; they can also put your oral health at risk. When the enamel of your tooth is chipped away, it can potentially expose the pulp of your tooth, which is much more susceptible to damage and decay than the hard enamel shell. Even if you don't feel like you need a veneer to make your damaged tooth look better, you should see a dentist to see if your damaged tooth is in danger.

Biting your nails can be a tough habit to break, and it can do a lot of harm to your oral health. Visit a local dentist to make sure your tooth's pulp isn't exposed.