Does Your Child Need A Root Canal In A Baby Tooth?

11 April 2016
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You may be in shock when your dentist suggests that your child needs to get a root canal in one of their baby teeth. Root canals in baby teeth happen more often than you think. Here are some questions you may have about your child getting the procedure done.

Why Is A Root Canal Necessary?

Some parents believe that children do not need a root canal since the tooth will eventually come out. There is a common misconception that the tooth is not in any real danger since it will be eventually replaced by an adult tooth at some point.

While it is true that a child will lose the tooth eventually with the adult tooth growing in, it may be quite some time before it happens. By the time a child turns 13 years old, all 28 of their permanent teeth will have grown in. It starts with the incisors around 7-9 years old, the cuspid and bicuspid teeth between 11-12 years old, and the molars between 6-13 years old.

The earlier a root canal is needed in life, the longer it will take for that adult tooth to grow in. Over time, the pulp can become exposed, causing your child to feel a lot of pain. 

Why Not Extract The Damaged Tooth?

An alternative to a root canal is to have the tooth pulled, but it will leave that small gap in your child's mouth for an unknown period of time. Missing a tooth can also cause a variety of problems.

Extraction can cause damage to their gums from the area being exposed. It can cause difficulty when flossing or brushing, depending on where the tooth was extracted. They can have problems when chewing if the tooth is a molar, and difficulties speaking as well. A missing tooth will also cause them to have insecurities when others see that the tooth is gone. 

What Are The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal?

A root canal will avoid problems with the tooth cracking, chipping, or filling with abscess along the tooth's base. A root canal will alleviate any pain, prevent future complications, and cause the tooth to look completely natural to others.

While the decision to get a root canal is yours, knowing this information will help you make an informed decision about how to want to proceed with the damaged tooth. If you still have questions, be sure to ask a local dentist (such as one from