Lingual Vs Plastic Braces

17 March 2016
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If you need to get braces soon, then you might be a little overwhelmed. After all, you will need to make several key decisions, such as the type of braces that you will get. Getting the wrong type can lead to quite a few months of suffering and several thousand wasted dollars, but getting the right type can result in a dental realignment experience that you barely notice. However, different people will prefer different types of braces, which means that it is crucial that you learn all the facts before committing. Here is a comparison of two unique types: lingual and plastic braces.

What are lingual braces?

The basic idea behind lingual braces is that the braces are actually attached to the inside of your jaw, rather than the outside. This makes them much harder to spot than traditional braces, but also can make them much harder to access for your orthodontist.

How much do lingual braces cost?

Unfortunately, the range for lingual braces is between $8000 and $10000. This may seem like a pretty high amount, but your insurance can bring the price down pretty close to the minimum end. With lingual braces, you are paying for the ability to completely conceal your braces, while simultaneously adjusting your teeth as efficiently as possible.

What do lingual braces look like?

For an uninformed observer, you wouldn't appear to be wearing any braces at all. Even if you told someone that you were wearing braces, then they might not be able to spot your set of lingual braces.

When looking directly into your mouth, the braces would appear as a layer of hardened material clinging to the inside of your teeth.

What are plastic braces?

Plastic braces are removable, unliking other types of braces, so you can take them out whenever you want. This allows you to eat a number of foods that would get stuck in normal braces and also allows you to take a breather when you get tired of wearing your braces.

You will wear each aligner for a couple of weeks, and then you will move on to another aligner that will move your teeth a little closer to their final, perfect position.

How much do plastic braces cost?

Plastic braces often cost between $4000 and $7400, which is a fair bit cheaper than lingual braces. Even the most expensive regimen of plastic braces will be cheaper than the cheapest set of lingual braces.

What do plastic braces look like?

Similarly, plastic braces are almost invisible to the average observer. Your smile will be essentially unchanged, and you can take your braces off if you feel that you really need to have your natural smile for a few minutes. Contact a business, such as Kuban David S DDS, for more information.