How To Care For Your Child's Teeth After A Pulpectomy

28 October 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Getting a pulpectomy isn't fun for anyone, but making sure that the tooth or teeth involved in the procedure are properly cared for is essential for your child's dental health all the way up into their 20s or later. The placement and health of all baby teeth is critical for your child's adult teeth to grow in comfortably, safely, and perfectly aligned, and getting a pulpectomy can make this goal more difficult to attain. In order to make sure that your child's teeth remain healthy after a pulpectomy, here's what you should be doing in the days, weeks, and months after your child's pulpectomy. 

Days: Keep it Clean, Watch Your Diet

Above all, the most important thing to do immediately after your child's pulpectomy is to keep the area spotlessly clean of all food debris and other similar materials. This means brushing and flossing after every meal, paying extra care to the pulpectomy site and the teeth around it. If your child complains of swelling or pain around the site, after 24 hours he or she can starting rinsing their mouth out with salt water, which is a simple lifesaver after any kind of dental procedure. Also, make sure your child avoids sticky foods like toffee and licorice, as these foods can harm the brand new crown on your child's tooth. 

Weeks: Develop Good Habits

Once the discomfort has mostly passed from the procedure, it's time to help your son or daughter learn about keeping their new mouth bling clean. Make sure they know that keeping the crown clean is the best way to make sure they don't need to get another one, and that flossing is mandatory after every meal. Buying a toothbrush with a timer built in or one featuring their favorite superhero or princess will make the process go much smoother, and if they have siblings, "The Tooth Brushing Olympics" is a great way to inspire some friendly sibling rivalry for the good of their teeth. 

Months: Check for Alignment

The long-term goal of a dental crown after a pulpectomy is to make sure that the space where the tooth was remains in place so that adult teeth can grow in properly, which is why the dentist doesn't simply pull the tooth. That means that if your child's dental crown comes off or gradually moves out of alignment over time, then the result can be years of painful orthodontic treatment due to misalignment. If you check up on your child's crown, and it's gone missing or has shifted to one side or another, then make sure to have your child's dentist check it out to make sure that your child's adult teeth will grow in properly when the time comes.