4 Natural Ways To Combat Bad Breath

3 April 2015
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Do people take a step backward when you speak with them face to face? Does your significant other flinch when you whisper lovingly in his or her ear? It may not be the words that make act this way, but your breath. While bad breath is usually not cause for alarm, it can be embarrassing and cause uncomfortable social interaction for you and those you are chatting with. You can try a few natural ways to combat your not-so-fresh breath, so you can speak odorously.

Spice Up Your Breath

If you like licorice, then chewing anise after meals or periodically throughout may work for you. Anise and anise seed belong to the parsley family, which is known for its breath freshening effects. But unlike parsley, the anise seeds hold the breath freshening power, not the leaves. 

You can buy anise seed in your local supermarket's spice counter. Just chew a pinch of it after pungent meals or anytime you believe your breath is less than fresh. Anise seed also aids in digestion, so chewing it after meals is a good idea.

Know Out Odor With Cloves

Cloves are an aromatic, potent, but pleasing herb often used by cooks. It also has antiseptic and stimulant properties that help freshen breath. You can buy cloves at local herbal shops. To freshen your breath, place one leaf in your mouth after a meal or anytime you want fresher breath. That one leaf can freshen your breath for hours. 

Brush Away Bad Breath With Baking Soda

Baking soda absorbs odors and freshens. So if you notice your breath is odorous after your coffee break or a lunch, you can make a breath freshener using baking soda. You'll need to carry a toothbrush with you to work along with a mixture of baking soda and cinnamon. Scoop the mixture on your toothbrush and brush away bad breath. 

Spoon Away Bad Breath

Tongue scraping is a good way to remove bacteria from your tongue that you miss with regular brushing and flossing. This is why many people rely on tongue scarping to ensure fresher breath. But you don't have to buy a scraper; you can use a spoon!

Just run the edge of the spoon across your tongue to gunk and bacteria from your tongue. You can also try brushing your tongue. 

Persistent bad breath is something you need to see your dentist to discuss. If these remedies do not work for you, and you have scraped, chewed, brushed and rinsed to no avail, talk to a dentist (such as John P Poovey DMD PC). He or she can get the bottom of your bad breath problem.